Eagles Nest Farm is located on 26 acres in Binghamton New York .  Surrounded by its picturesque landscape the farm offers a peaceful setting to its residents, four legged and two! Our goal is to provide a small number of top quality sales horses every year.  Enjoy our site and please contact us for more information.



Elita ENF KWPN-NA Sport 

On January 3rd and 4th our little superstar debuted at 3rd level!  She was a little tense the first day but still put in a nice test and got a 60.9% in 3rd level test 1.  On Sunday she was much more relaxed and got a 69% in 3rd level test 2.  That score got her the KWPN-NA sport predicate and earned Zsa Zsa 3 points towards her prestatsie predicate!! 


2014 is coming to a close and we are thrilled with all of the cool things happening around here!!  

  My horse Morocco and I competed successfully at PSG this past summer culminating in getting final scores for my silver medal.  MO has been with me for 4 years.  He is a 1996 Ulft x Sultan gelding that is quirky, a bit narcotic, a definite perfectionist and occasionally still thinks he is a stallion.  Four years ago we couldn’t canter a straight line let alone do a line of tempi’s.  I love this horse more than most can understand (grouchy faces and all) and continue to ride him several times a week to keep him happy.  I have no further goals with him but to give him the best life he deserves.  I am schooling the I1 stuff but being realistic about his age and soundness so we will see what the future holds for us! One thing for sure is this horse has made me a more compassionate quiet rider and for that I owe him the world.  LOVE my Shmoey MO.    

In a strange turn of events a past sale horse CCF Adel Aidan came back to the farm in July.  His owner gave him a great 4 years but with her life changes thought it best he came back home.  Aidan is by Olivier out of a  Davinci daughter.  His grand dam is the late Adel Arrika (successful FEI mare).  I am really enjoying this guy.  He is very smart, wants to please and is a sweet guy. I plan on showing him this summer, then we will decide when he will go on the market to a special home.    

Elita is now safe and sound in Ocala Florida with Alex.  She will be making her 3rd level debut in early January!!  This mare is AWESOME and will make someone a very nice FEI horse.  She is not 6 until May!!  I will be ringside in Florida to watch my little girl strut her stuff down the centerline to get her KWPN Sport predicate.  To say that I am excited is an understatement

 Inigo is just as handsome and charming as the day is long.  I LOVE him, turn 3 already little man!!  

I made the difficult decision to devote more time to riding and bringing horses along and less time to breeding (not really a decision more of the way things have played out over the years).  I put both mares on the market mid-summer and have yet to find them the right home.  If they are still with me in March they will be pulled from the market and sent off the farm to be bred.  Zsa Zsa will be bred to Festrausch and Avelina to Floriscount.  In the process of marketing them I got to throw them both in the indoor and watch them move, something I haven’t done in years.  I forgot how cool they both are!  

Cheers to 2014!

Alex Robertson Clinic November 8th & 9th 

Alex will be returning to the area for a two day clinic on November 8th and 9th. Alex will be at Eagles Nest Farm in Binghamton NY and Fortress Farm in Castle Creek NY. Spots still available, auditors always welcome at no charge. Alex has a very kind and effective approach to training both horse and rider. $100/ride no stabling fee. Email jessica@eacredit.com to reserve your spot. Check back here for scheduling and directions to the farms.

It's a wrap!! 

The northern New York show season has come to an end!  The brisk mornings are upon us, leaving me (yes already) nostalgic for summer.  So it is time to start planning our breeding’s for 2014 as well as goals for the riding horses. 


Elita ENF finished up the show season with a successful keuring at Iron Spring Farms.  When this filly was born I knew I wanted to hang onto her at least until she was under saddle.  I wanted to know what it would feel like to ride something I created, I wanted to gather that extra knowledge that only the person on the back of a horse can tell you about the feel, movement, and ride ability of a horse….well it has been more rewarding than I had ever imagined, and given me great insight into what I can improve in my breeding program.

 This mare makes me smile every ride.  There was a great photographer at the keuring.  When I received the email notification that the gallery was up for viewing I frantically rushed to the sight to see what kind of photos she had gotten.  I was blown away, not only by how nice the photos where but also at the number of them that had me a stride my little horse (that looks quite big) mid test with a huge smile on my face. 
Elita is currently offered for sale to a great show home.  I will continue to work her through the winter with a goal of having her schooling all 2nd level movements by next spring (not a lofty goal at all since she does pretty much everything already).  I also plan on introducing her to some jumping this winter to keep things fun!
Inigo ENF
Inigo continues to charm the pants off of me and anyone else that meets him.  He is another one that will stay with us until he is under saddle (just because I really want to ride that fabulous canter). 
Zsa Zsa
After having the last 3 years off we are DEFINITLY going to get Zsa Zsa bred this spring.  I am looking at several stallions that I think will be a nice cross on this mare. 
 After a difficult foaling this year we gave Avelina the year off but will breed her early spring.  Still a tossup with what stallion we will use on this mare. 

Summer 2013 

On July 6, 2013 Avelina (Oivi x Lancet x Doruto) presented us with a stunning black colt!  Eagles Nest Farm is proud to introduce Inigo ENF (Olivier x Olivi x Lancet)!
IN the early 2000's I was a working student for the Austin's in Williston Vermont.  The same Austin's that bred and stand Olivier (Idocus x Porter).  While there I had the privledge to ride Inigo (Charmeaur x Porter).  It was this horse that made me fall in love with the Dutch warmblood breed.  I knew the second I saw this years colt what his name was going to be (good for me because it usually takes me months to decide on a name).  This colt is the most charming foal I have ever been around.  I am absolutely smitten with him and can't wait to watch him grow!

In other news Elita ENF is absolutely a blast to ride!  She is progressing nicely in her training schooling all first level work! This mare is so brave and confident , with a super work ethic! 

Winter 2013 update! 

February 20, 2013

In November Elita returned home after a successful keuring at Iron Spring Farms and some time spent with Alex Robertson.  She has had three months to hang out and will return to a regular program the early part of March.  She is very bored and ready to get back to her job!

Avelina (Olivi x Lancet x Doruto) is expecting an Olivier (Idocus x Porter) foal in mid July.  I am super excited about this cross!  

Zsa Zsa did not get in foal last season so we will be starting early in April to get her bred for a 2014 foal.

My riding horse Morocco and I are setting our sights on the FEI ring for 2013.  Silver Medal, here we COME!!!!

Elita ENF  

Elita (Rousseau x Jazz x Lancet) is in training with Alex Robertson in PA for the next few months.  This is a really special dressage prospect and we are looking for the right partner to take her up the levels.  She has three high quality gaits, with a super walk and a very active hind leg.  Please view an updated video with Alex riding her on her sales page.

June 2012!!! 

It has been too long for an update, so lots of news to share!!! 

Our 2011 Rousseau x Avelina colt "Gerry" went off to the hills of Georgia in early December to finish growing up then he will join his new owner in Wellington.  This little guy was really special and I am sure we will be seeing him in the news soon!!

Elita our 2009 Rousseau x Zsa Zsa filly has officially started her job as a riding horse.  She was sent off to "camp" in early June and has taken everything in stride. 

I will be sure to get some updated photos up as soon as possible!!

CCF Adel Aidan 

This past summer we sold CCF Adel Aidan (affectionately known by only me as "Smaidy") to a talented young rider. I was more than pleased with the fit and felt that Smaidy may have found his lifelong partner. The past several months we have been receiving updates on Smaidy's progress. Emily has started him herself and even brought him to his first show. This picture just warmed my heart. As breeders it is never easy to sell our “babies” but this picture just proves to me this was the RIGHT fit and I look forward to hearing more news from this amazing pair in the future. Go get ‘em Smaidy!